Appriss safety [Design lead]

I'm crafting our design team and practice from the ground up, and introducing user centered design to the way our products are designed and built. Our products aim to help people who have been affected by crimes by providing information, resources, and critical notifications.

I lead and create all user-centered design efforts for Appriss Safety products, including foundational user research, usability testing, UX strategy, user and task flows, persona development, wireframes, prototypes, and visual design. While I can't specifically share in-process design work here, I can share about my design process and how I'm working to transform user experience in Appriss Safety products. I have been working to build collaboration within our cross-functional team of product managers, engineers, portfolio managers, business analysts, and directors to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our users. This process is a new approach in the company, and opening up the lines of communication has led to exciting and productive design and feature iteration. In order to integrate a user-centered design approach throughout the company, I have also begun building collaborations with our sales and client relations team and our marketing team resulting in more thoughtful designs and better user experiences. 


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