As a cultural anthropologist and an artist, my work gathers at the intersections of anthropology, arts, and technology in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in their articulations in migration and diaspora. I focus on the aesthetics, politics, and practices of visual art in order to understand how people and places are transformed through the relationship between migrations and visual arts. 

Artwork and Public Projects

My approach to art making is to think about and question dilemmas in our contemporary world, and bring these ideas to light using visual forms. Through different media including performance, photography, sculpture, video, web-based work, and installation, my artworks and public projects focus on the relationships between personhood, space, place, time, movement, and memory.



As a teacher, I have worked with students in diverse contexts including university and high school classrooms, independent and collaborative research, and museum-based courses for students ranging from elementary school to university. At Brown University, I taught "Space and Place: Geographies of the Black Atlantic" and "Anthropology and Art." This year at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I will teach "Geographies of the Arts."